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Top Five Cool Tools that I Would Use in My Classroom:




iMovie is a software that comes on (or is available on) Apple products that allows users to edit footage into a cohesive film. This tool can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways, including student independent and group projects in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and even Math. This tool allows students to present stories, lessons, or other types of presentations in a creative way.




Pinterest is a website that allows users to organize links to various sources and cites under specific categories. Users can search Pinterest for specific topics and “pin” items onto their categorized boards. Students can describe pins (write summaries), collaborate and share resources for group projects, and organize their sources in one place.




Popplet is a web 2.0 tool that allows users to create organization charts of any information that they desire. Students can create clear, organized graphs of information for narrative stories or information for research projects. This tool can be used independently or collaboratively and can be used in a variety of subject areas.




KidBlog is a kid-friendly website that allows students in a classroom to create their own blog. Students can blog about class assignments, discussion topics in a lesson, or can even write and share narratives or research information on a particular topic. This tool is great for assessing student’s participation and understanding in a lesson. Additionally, this tool allows students to view and comment on each other’s work, allowing them to learn collaboratively from one another.




BoomWriter is a website that allows students to write their own chapters to a story beginning. This tool also allows students to anonymously post their chapters so that their peers can read them and vote on one chapter to place in the story. This tool is collaborative and promotes creative writing in the classroom.