Snow White: Creepy No Matter the Version



Prior to this week’s discussion, I had never really thought much about the story of Snow White. Sure, I had the 1937 Disney version on VHS, but growing up the film was far from my favorite. I had seen the 2012 version of the story, Snow White and the Huntsmen, but besides the fact that I noticed major differences from the Disney rendition, I didn’t really think too much of the film. It was not until we read the original story by the brothers Grimm that I finally began to notice how creepy this fairy tale actually is. Perhaps I was desensitized by the countless other fairy tale stories that I had heard which also involved evil stepmothers, absent fathers, eerie forests, and so on, but when I come to think of it now, the story of Snow White is pretty disturbing no matter the version. The basis of the tale is that a young and beautiful girl is nearly killed by the mother figure in her life in many unsettling ways due to the fact that she is jealous of her daughter’s beauty. There is also some use of a poisonous apple. While each version may have some variation, this general plotline and apple usage can be found in the Grimm original, the Disney version, the Huntsmen and Mirror Mirror.  The original version, written in 1812, had Snow White’s actual mother asking for her organs served on a platter with salt. A later version, written in 1857, had the villain as stepmother rather than birth mother, which was a detail that has been since found in other versions, probably because it was slightly less disconcerting to audiences. The Disney version added cheerful songs and lessons (such as the fun one can have while completing household chores!) to the plot, but under this Disney-fied façade, the story is still frightening. And while the newest versions, Mirror Mirror and Huntsmen, had Snow White as our fearless heroine, this did not distract from the fact that this fairy tale is creepy. No matter the version or the additions to the plot, this fairy tale is messed up and I am unsure as to why we classify it as a children’s story. 





2 thoughts on “Snow White: Creepy No Matter the Version

  1. I agree while there has been some differences in the adaptations of Snow White, there has also been some similarities that are repetitively used such as the poisonous apple and usually, the stepmother. I enjoyed how you pointed out the oddities of Snow White in the original version and throughout the adaptations that make it obvious on how Snow White is “creepy no matter the version.” I especially like the image posted to match the description. It made me realize, ‘Huh… that actually IS kind of creepy…’ Great post!

  2. I’d have to agree with you that this tale is quite creepy. I also wonder at times how this was able to become a famous children’s tale. However, it does offer many principles that can be applied to anyone’s life which is why I believe it has gained the success and praise that it has.

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